Supply List 2018-2019

Grade One:
1 pr. Fiskars Scissors for kids 5” pointed tip
2 Boxes of Crayons—box of 24
6 .77 oz. washable glue sticks (white)
2 boxes of tissues
Set of 8 Crayola Washable, wide tip marker
Mead 09956 stage 3 primary Journal, early creative story
1 Pentel Hi-Polmer Eraser
2 doz. pencils with erasers on top--sharpened
3 Plastic, 3 prong, 2 pocket folders—blue, yellow, red
2 Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Yellow
Crayola 12 count colored pencils

Grade Two:
24 pack of crayons
Child’s scissors—5” pointed tip
One box of tissues (large)
Two large Elmer’s glue sticks
2 doz. pencils
Four 2-pocket folders with prongs blue/red/yellow/green
8 ct. Broad Line Crayola Washable markers
Pencil Sharpener
1 pkg. antibacterial wipes
Ruler 12” with inches/cm—wooden
Water colors
Supply box (not too large)
Yellow Highlighter
Set of 8 colored pencils
1 box quart size ziplock bags
1 Composition book, marble cover, black, wide, 100 ct.

Grade Three
2 dozen #2 pencils
4 glue sticks .74 oz.
Highlighter yellow
Colored pencils
1 three-subject notebook, spiral, wide ruled
Crayons, 24 box
1 box Quart or Gallon Ziploc bags
2 Disinfecting Wipes
2 Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip, Black
Large box of tissues
Zippered pencil bag
1 composition notebook
Eraser (pink or green type)
Set of wide-tipped watercolor markers
1 3 x 3 pack of post-its
Pencil Sharpener w/shaving container
1 loose leaf paper (pack) 8 x10 ½
1 roll of ¾” scotch tape

Grade Four:
3 dozen #2 pencils
Two glue sticks .26 oz.
2 boxes of tissues
Wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper-1 pack
1 tape, invisible, with dispenser, ¾”
Crayola Colored pencils, 24 pack
Headphone or earbuds
Scissors, 5”, pointed tip
Eraser (block type or pink pearl)
2 Highlighters, yellow
Three-ring pencil bag
Crayola Markers, classic colors, fine tip, set of 10
1 1/2” Binder—3 ring, white(no trappers)
3 boxes of Wet Ones wipes
1 pack notebooks, spiral, 3pk 70 ct
1 set Expo Dry Erase Markers

Grade Five:
Highlighter - yellow
3 containers wipes
Scissors pointed tip2 boxes of tissues
2 erasers
Colored pencils—set of 24
4 Papermate Flair Pens Asst. colors
Number combination lock for locker (give combination to teacher)
2 packs notebook paper, wide ruled
3 dozen #2 sharpened pencils
4 large glue sticks
1 3-subject wide ruled notebook
1 box one quart ziplock bags
1/2” binder with 3 rings
8 pocket poly folder
Clear plastic pencil bag
Two-ring spiral notebook, single subject, wide rule
1 Poly folder, 2 pocket, 5 pk, Be/Rd/Gr/Yw/Pu
1 pkg of 4 colors thin highlighters
2 double stick tape
1 Composition Book, wide ruled

Grade Six:
Colored pencils—set of 24
Fine tipped colored markers
2 doz. pencils
Notebook paper, wide rule—1 pack
4 large glue sticks
Scissors (Fiskars or similar)—7” pointed tip
2 boxes of tissues
4 pk of dry erase markers
Two ballpoint pens, blue
Yellow highlighter
1 pk of 3 ring dividers, 5 tab with 10 pockets
Five two pockets folders, asst. colors
Two 1” 3 ring binders—blue, black
One large Clorox wipes (no bleach)
½ inch 3 ring binder
3-ring pencil bag
1 ½” 3 ring binder (any color)
2 red grading pens
1 box quart storage bags, zippered
1 Clorox Wipes