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February Menu

Kids' Kitchen Council

Kids Kitchen Council participate in taste testThank you to the members of the Smith Kitchen Council for coming to our taste test.

Students rated each item and the ones that were the most popular will be in March's menu.

Students rated the foods they had at the taste test.Members of the Kids' Kitchen Council helped create March's menu

What's Cooking?

We want the students to try the lunches. To help make that happen:

Any student is welcome to come into the kitchen during lunch for a taste of what we are serving that day.

If a student buys lunch and does not like it, they can bring their tray into the kitchen and get a sandwich instead.


Cafeteria Volunteers

Forty-five minutes in our cafeteria can be very exciting!

Besides having some unexpected family-kid time together, you’ll also see (and taste!) first hand what kind of food our school serves the kids.

To volunteer, go to:

Sign Up Genius (Jan. - May 2018)

What's New?

We are working to continue to add new great items to our lunches. Look at what we had Tuesday, Sept. 18 this great dish, sauteed zucchini and onions. Yum!
Sauteed zucchini and onions

New snack items are being offered including Buddy Fruits. Here's a list of snacks available:

Small salad - Romaine, cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes with choice of dressing $1.75

Also sold at the snack table - all are $.75 and students need cash to buy:

Baked BBQ Chips
Low Fat Ranch Doritos
Low Fat Cheese Doritos
Reduced sugar Coco Puffs cereal

Frosted Mini Wheat cereal
Nature Valley Oats/Honey granola bars
Mozzarella cheese sticks
Buddy Fruits
All snacks are whole grain and meet the Smart Snack requirements.

Also sold are ice cream cups, ice cream sandwiches, orange dream bars and sorbet.

All of the ice creams are low fat and meet the Smart Snack requirements.

General Information

Student Lunch (includes milk) $2.75
Milk only - .50

Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Linda Miller picture
Mrs. Linda Miller
Cafeteria Manager

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Mrs. Karen Eizenga