Role of the Volunteer

The volunteer is an important member of the school team.  Working under the supervision of a school staff member, the volunteer can make significant contributions to the school.  Volunteers are held to the same high standards as school personnel to contribute to the positive, safe and student-centered school culture. 

  • Classroom Instructional Support: Individual or small group learning activities
  • Clerical support: Copies, laminating, etc. for a classroom teacher, grade level or building level
  • Shared space volunteer: Library, cafeteria or special events
  • Club Advisor: Chess club, Military Kids Club, etc.

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Build Relationships

Expectations of the Volunteer

  • Prior to volunteering in the building, the volunteer must participate in the volunteer training program and sign that he/she has received a copy of the Volunteer Guidelines.
  • Volunteers who work regularly with students, and those who work with students in an unsupervised area, will be required to provide fingerprints.  You will be notified by the teacher or principal if your volunteer capacity requires fingerprinting. This can be done every five years at the Board office and at no cost to volunteers.  
  • All volunteers will sign in and sign out at the office and wear volunteer badges while in school.
  • Due to the safety and liability issues, younger children may not accompany volunteers to activities.
  • The volunteer will perform activities under the teacher’s direction.  Remember that teachers have different needs and expectations for their volunteers.  Discuss this with the teacher.
  • The classroom/school schedule requires that the volunteer be on time.
  • If you cannot come when scheduled, please let the teacher know as soon as possible.
  • All information regarding students and staff must remain confidential.
  • The authority to confer with parents regarding a child’s academic progress or behavior lies with the teacher, not the volunteer.
  • The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Regulations protect students in the Oakwood Schools.  Generally, information which may be shared is name, address, phone number, date of birth, attendance, degrees, and participation in extracurricular activities.  As a volunteer, you must not violate the rights of students by discussing additional information about the student with any one other than the school personnel working with the student.
  • Oakwood Schools respect the right of parents as to how their children are included in Social Media posts.  Volunteers are not to take photos and/or post on their personal Social Media accounts.
  • Discipline and Crisis Intervention are the responsibilities of the school personnel.  If need arises for involvement, follow staff instruction.
  • Respect instructional time.  Concerns regarding a child, teaching method, or an assigned activity, should be discussed with the teacher at another time.
  • If you wish to discuss a concern with the teacher about your child, please schedule a time in advance.  Do not use the teacher’s instructional or planning or lunch time for conferencing without prior scheduling.

We view our volunteer program as a valuable and integral part of your child’s education.  A strong partnership between home and school can greatly benefit your child as he or she grows and matures.  Your volunteer hours allow us to spend more time planning quality instruction for your child.  We hope you will find great personal satisfaction and pride as you participate as a volunteer.

Elementary Volunteer Interest Form


Dear Volunteer:

Welcome to the ranks of the Oakwood Schools volunteers. Our volunteers assist educators in helping students learn and grow to achieve their potential as human beings. By sharing your time and talents, you can make a valuable contribution to the lives of young people and can help ensure that our schools continue to offer quality education.

We appreciate your time, effort and energy devoted to our children. You reveal your own high standards of ethics in important ways:

Reliability – Regular attendance and punctuality are necessary for the smooth operation of program routines.
Respect for Confidential Matters – Discussion of teachers, classrooms, and student should not take place among volunteers or in the community. The authority to confer with parents regarding a child’s academic progress or behavior lies with the teacher, not the volunteer.

We hope you will find great personal satisfaction and pride as you participate as a volunteer. The staff welcomes your assistance and your support.

Please complete the information below and submit.

I have attended Oakwood Schools volunteer training. and I understand the Elementary Volunteer Guidelines.
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Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format