Email mailing list

Sign up and edit email preferences with MailChimp

The Oakwood City School District uses the MailChimp service for our official district and building newsletters, and for other email communications with our families. Subscribing to the school’s MailChimp mailing list is needed in order to receive school information. Important information may be missed without subscription.

Please be sure to read the first paragraph after opening the link and follow the steps. You have the option to choose which groups you wish to receive correspondence about. Please choose School Information to receive items such as school newsletters or other important information from your building principal. Also be certain to choose District News to receive important news from Superintendent, Dr. Kyle Ramey.

If your email address changes over the course of the year, please be sure to subscribe your new email address with MailChimp. Your email preferences can be changed at any time by choosing following the link located in the footer of any previous MailChimp communication. Unsubscribing is also possible via a different link found in the footer of a previous MailChimp communication, but is not recommended. Unsubscribing excludes the email address from all communications.